How To Play N64 ROMs on Android

Below is a comprehensive guide for playing N64 ROMs on Android devices via PC-to-Phone Installation. Emulators do get updated so these instructions may vary or change, use them as a general guide to getting started. If you have any questions, please post a comment at the bottom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My ROM(s) are running slow?
A: Go in to settings > audio and video setting > max frame drop > set it to 4. This should help!

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Emulator

Go to our Emulator Section and get any N64 Emulator.
Download an Android Emulator

Step 2. Download

Download any ROM from this or any file-safe website onto your computer.
Download ROMS for Android

Step 3. Connect

Connect the USB cord to your Android mobile device then to your Computer. On your Android device, you will get a notice such as "Turn ON USB Storage" (this differs on phones). Just make sure your phone is connected to your computer.
Connect Android to Computer Via USB

Step 4. Create

Create a folder called ROMS within your Android mobile device (Organization). You can do this by accessing your Android device through My Computer, it will show a new device there. Open it then create the folder.
Android ROM Create Part 1

Android ROM Create Part 2

Android ROM Create Part 3

Step 5. Transfer

Transfer all games you've downloaded into the ROMS folder on your Android mobile device. Remember to click Turn OFF USB Storage when you are done! This safely un-mounts your SD Card.
Transfer ROMs

Step 6. Play

Open up your N64 Emulator and look for a game in your ROMs folder, double tap the game of your choice to start playing! Modifying settings may be necessary, like framerate so keep that in mind!

If you have any other questions, please post in the forum. Include phone, game, and emulator used! Thanks!


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